Our Story

We are the Gulf Cartel, first established during the 1930s. For decades now we have been distributing and working with other crime syndicates world wide including Europe and Asia. After finding that NO ONE else was selling firearms on the darknet, we've decided to expand our operations to the darknet..! We are probably the only legit retailer of firearms on the darknet. We have a long and established history so you can be assured our network can get the products you desire right to you. With our decades long experience of smuggling we’ve learned a lot when it comes to stealth shipping. Our Darknet onion page is only a small sample of our inventory and we will be attempting to expand on it even further. We are currently gauging interest and hope to expand our network, so think of this as a trial of our darknet services. Our inventory is broad and we are quite knowledgeable on the products at hand. With Gulf Cartel, trust and confidence with the rest of the darknet community is assured. We value quality, customer satisfaction, and integrity with our clientele. Please be sure to check our FAQ before asking us any questions. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark us, our onion is very work in progress and will only be getting better based on demand.

Mission and Values

Our Values

  • We believe everyone has the right to own a firearm!
  • We believe the government should remove all restrictions on firearms.
  • We believe in the right of anonymity when purchasing firearms.
  • Freedom!

Are your guns legit?

Most definitely, these are all the real deal, not garage builds or built from parts, but all factory produced firearms.

Can you ship to XYZ?

Currently, we have had success shipping to most countries, shipments to russia and china aren't absolutely guaranteed at this time however. We are North America, EU, Asia friendly.

Can I see more photos of a firearm in question/custom photos

Yes, this is possible, but due to the amount of people who "tire kick" or don't buy or also use our photos for scams, we will request a small deposit to insure that you are a serious buyer for such request.

How long will shipment take?

Generally 2 to 3 weeks depending on your location

Is additional ammo or accessories available?

Yes, this is available for existing customers after they have placed an order, so reach out to support with your information.

How do you ship/stealth your items?

We have a very established network that reaches world wide, we can't cover the exact process for opsec reasons obviously but rest assured your product can and will past customs if need be depending on your location. We have had success even shipping to Japan!